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In California the Family Courts will generally order Child Support based upon an algebraic formula that takes into account the incomes of both parents, the amount of time the child(ren) spend with each parent, and some other income tax related factors (SEE California Family Code section 4055). Experienced California Child Support Attorneys will not perform the algebraic calculations by hand, instead, just like you might balance your checkbook using a calculator, a California Child Support Attorney will use one of several computer programs to perform the math calculations. Just like when you are balancing your checkbook using the calculator, if you put in the wrong numbers to start with, then the calculation will not be accurate. This means that it is critically important that you consider the right information when calculating or estimating Guideline Child Support in California.

A primary reason to seek the assistance of a Good Family Law Attorney to help you with either Seeking Child Support or defending against Overpaying Child Support is to have the right information input into the calculator. For instance, parents very frequently disagree over how much time their child(ren) spend with each parent.

Paying Child Support After Divorce
The timeshare between parents is very frequently the subject of dispute, possibly because the timeshare is a variable that directly and substantially effects the Child Support Calculation. Your time with your child(ren) is more than its effect on Guideline Child Support, and you will surely want to discuss, in detail, how much time with you and with the other parent is in your child(ren)’s best interests. A Good Family Law Attorney will help you weigh and consider you child(ren)’s best interests and assist you with presenting those best interests clearly to the Family Court.

The income of the parties that is available for support is regularly disputed. In some instances, for example if both parties work and receive regular wages which are tracked by paystubs and W-2 forms, the calculation of income may be straightforward. In other instances, where a parent’s income is variable, as may happen when a parent operates a business or receives stock options and/or RSU’s that may also be subject to division as being Partially Community Property, the calculation of income available for support may require the help of a forensic accountant, civil discovery, legal argument(s), and substantial preparation for a litigated evidentiary hearing in Family Court.

California offers a free child support calculator at website.

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