A Wonderful Turning Point in My Life

A wonderful turning point in my life. The office has an extensive experience for family law and it’s legal procedures. I received prompt attention and received necessary help to settle my issue without any delay. I strongly recommend this office to anyone who is looking for a divorce attorney. I would even recommend this office to anyone living 30 miles or farther. I am really thankful to their help.

- Yuko S.

Winning with the BEST divorce lawyer

I never thought I'd be doing a review of a lawyer, but I realized the other day that John was the reason I'm back out and living my life again. John helped me through a messy matter I'd care not to discuss here, but I can say he was my strength through the whole ordeal. I figure the least I can do is let others know how great he is. I did my attorney shopping and knew I found the right one with John. There wasn't a sales pitch, only concern for me and my future. I look back and think how different things would have been if i didn't, it's a scary thought. John has the experience and knowledge that made me feel very confident that in the end I would prevail. I'll leave out the gory details, but my case did go to court. It was a much different experience than I was expecting. I felt like a VIP at the court room. Everyone from the clerks to security greeted him as we walked in. I was so proud to have John defending me- he was in his element and he knew it. The other side would attack, John would counter, then they just stumble and fall apart. Wash, rinse and repeat a couple of times, and it was all over. The other side had no choice but to settled quickly, even more favorable to me than the one we originally went to court over. I would hire him again and again!!! FIVE STARS!!!

- Anonymous

Outstanding attorney, with great results

Knowledgeable, Carrying, Involved, Supportive and most of all he is there protect his clients' assets and wellbeing. Working with John for a long time in a very complicated divorce case. I could not have wished for a better attorney. John is a carrying professional involving himself deeply in the case. Always supportive and he always responded to my questions promptly with options and solutions. John’s knowledge of family law has helped my case greatly, as they were multiple roadblocks, we needed to face and overcome throughout the years on my case. Great attention to detail and devoted to his client results. He is an outstanding attorney, with great results.

- Ariadne G.

Intelligent, caring, honest, BEST divorce lawyer!!!

John is very professional and an excellent attorney because he goes an extra step above what is expected and counsels his clients on the entire case rather than just focusing on each narrow legal issue. John's style is to get right to the point and solve the problem efficiently without wasting time, he focuses on the important factors that could impact the outcome. John is very kind, intelligent, and informative. He has a great sense of justice and ethics that unfortunately runs very slim with many other lawyer. I knew I could trust him after our initial consultation. My case wrapped up over a year ago and I am still very grateful that John helped me with my win. I got very excited to see John on Avvo, I have to let everyone know how great he is. Best money spend on a lawyer.

- Anonymous

Efficient, Kind and Compassionate

Mr. Perrott is extremely professional. He is efficient, kind, and compassionate. I would like to thank Mr. Perrott and Katie from the bottom of my heart. I've consulted with more than ten lawyers before decided to have Mr. Perrott as my lawyer. When I approached other lawyers, I was completely lost. My case was quite complicated. After my initial meeting with Katie and Mr. Perrott, I felt much more grounded and breathed with relief. Not only is Mr. Perrott so knowledgeable at what he does, he is also kind, and really supportive emotionally. He provided truthful and practical advice on how to proceed and were very patient every step of the way. I trusted him through every step of the process. Thank you Mr. Perrott and Katie! I highly recommend this law firm to anyone seeking advice and help with family law.

- Bin Han
Client Testimonials

Thank you for being in my corner!

I’m very thankful a friend recommended John Perrott to represent me through my child custody battle. Some days weren’t easy, John took the time to explain and educate me as we proceeded through the battle. Several months later I was granted my move away. I am very pleased with the outcome and all of John’s hard work. If you want an attorney who is honest, caring and always available John Perrott is your guy. You will be pleased with him and the knowledge he has for family law. Thank you John for being in my corner!

- A Sottile

I Wish I had John as My Attorney the Whole Time

I can honestly say that my case is an unusual case. Three years into my case my former attorney retired. I found myself looking for a new attorney. John Perrott was my choice. John and his awesome staff have moved my case along faster and further in less time than I ever could imagine. My only regret is I have not had John as my attorney the whole time. If you want a solid attorney that knows his law and is not going to back down on your behalf then you need John Perrott.

- D. Allen

Intelligent & Sincere

I had a free consultation with John and only wish I have the money to retain him. I checked out a lot and he was far the best. He was extremely intelligent. It took him just seconds to figure out my spouse. He tries to understand my case, and gives me advise and support instead of being a sale pitch. Others are just trying to look into my assets. If my case deems crucial and that it's impossible to work out with my spouse, I don't have to look any further.

- Anonymous

Compassion with Justice

John balances compassion and empathy with justice and authenticity to ensure his clients are accurately represented. He not only represents you, but also gives you knowledge and confidence and empowers you. I am grateful that I found John after changing several attorneys, highly recommend him to anyone looking for a family lawyer in the San Francisco Bay Area.

- A. L

Experienced & Professional

John is a very experienced and professional guy. Hard working and always think on behalf of client. I highly recommend his office and service.

- TX

I want to say thank you John!

The Law Office of John H. Perrott in San Jose, helped me with A divorce case in recent weeks after I changed two lawyers, and he has gotten my case resolved quickly with a good outcome. I want to say his professionalism, determination, courage made this happen! I feel very comfortable with him and his employees! During court time, I saw his analytical skills and hard work thus my case went to court. After three weeks, it got resolved. I would say it is done very quickly! I appreciate your effort that you didn't give up on me and my case that you arranged mediation, discussion and negotiation to solve the matter quickly & effectively when it entered the court, even though we have to go to court once, but that's the final stage! The next day it's complete! What a relief! I would not hesitate to recommend you and your firm to anyone in need of a sound lawyer. Thank you very much again.

- Jenny H.

Thank You isn't enough

John H Perrott gave his time to provide me the guidance I needed and has given me new hope. As a survivor of abuse, fraud and domestic violence, I was feeling despair and needed that "spark of energy" that will lead me to a better life. John H Perrott- You are Awesome.

- Kim Kathleen

I would Recommend Them

They explained the process to me, which made me feel less afraid. I felt more comfortable with Liz, who speaks Mandarin. I was always told my options before doing anything. John Perrott gave me advice about settlement terms even when he disagreed with me, and he told me why he thought I was making a mistake. That was very helpful. I feel very well informed about my choices, and they let me decide what I want to do before moving forwards. I am happy with how they have handled my case, and I recommend them.

- U. Tan

Efficient and Control Costs for Client

Very professional, very efficient, very nice and more importantly, able to control costs for clients. It is highly recommended.

- Lee Lee

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